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Passionate Allround Digital Marketer and Social Media Expert

Hi, I’m Stefanie or Stef for short.


I graduated 7 years ago as a Master of Arts in multilingual communication at the KU Leuven (Antwerp campus) and then specialized even further in digital communication, in particular in search engine optimization and marketing.


I also worked in a digital marketing and PR agency. You can read more of all this in my CV.

Yes, I literally breathe social media and follow the latest digital trends closely. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, it is recommended to maintain a driven and hands-on attitude.


Lifelong learning is not an unnecessary luxury. I want to continue to learn to be able to offer my customers an all-in-one formula.

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I therefore call myself a virtual marketing assistant: I help local small or medium-sized companies (whether or not remotely) to create more digital devices in times of corona. My goal is to support you and boost your business through a result-driven marketing and content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, press approach, ... 


I can help you with content marketing and communication for your company or brand.


Above all, I want to help start-ups and SMEs to set up their digital presence or take it to the next level.


With enthusiasm, a personal approach and, above all, a lot of commitment. Read more about the different fields in which I can support you here.


Mission and Vision

During corona times (and hopefully long after 😉) I want to help local businesses go online or expand their online channels and branding. With my enthusiasm I want to give you the feeling that you have someone on your side who really wants to ensure the growth of your company.

I also value a pleasant cooperation, I stand for SELF-CARE. This has become more important than ever in times of burnout and psychological stress. I want my customers to be à l'aise. Know what makes you happy and do what makes your soul shine. It will show in your work. Customers will notice. Make the difference.

If there is anything valuable about the Corona crisis, it is that it has abruptly ended the rat race that our lifes had become. Stop, breathe, rethink your priorities in life. It has been a struggle, but consumers have a renewed love for buying locally and supporting small (Belgian) businesses.

Summed up, I have a love for local businesses, communication and creating creative content. Creativity is in my blood, from all kinds of DIY projects to weaving bohemian wall decoration. The latter is also one of my side projects.

Feel free to check out or follow @fiberartbyillunis on Facebook or Instagram.

Do you have any questions? Shoot! 😊


Kind regards,

Stefanie Viskens

Efficient & Organised

“Three words to describe Stefanie? Good, fast and structured.״ 



Let’s Start Working Together!

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