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Digital marketing strategy

COM by Stef.


Looking for help with your digital presence?

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Hi, I'm Stef,
a Passionate Digital Marketer and Social Media Expert

I love to help out small or medium businesses and start-ups with their online marketing and PR strategies, as well as providing the necessary content. Let's get started!

What Can I Do For You?

Do you want an online presence but does it take up too much time or you seem to be behind on the latest social media trends each time? 

Discover which package is most suited for your particular situation!

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Social Media Management, Advertising & Content Creation

Hop on the latest trends on social media and together we'll create a comprehensive content calendar, as well as thumbstopping content in order not to miss any opportunities to reach your future and loyal customers! 

SEO, SEA, Analytics &

Website Optimization

Improve the organic (SEO) or paid (SEA) findability of your website in Google and other search engines! Let's create thumbstopping content and optimize your website in order to get ranked on top of the search engine results and improve the conversion rate of you audience.

Community Management

Have you already built a strong  relationship between your audience  and your brand? I can help you boost customer interactions, conversions, and sales.

Email marketing

Are you ready to start a successful email marketing strategy? Create targeted and personalized messages to reach or your ideal customers or maintain meaningful relationships with your existing ones.

Public Relations &

News Jacking 

The word says it all, with newsjacking you hijack the news. Picking up a theme that is already the talk of the town will help you get featured by journalists. Has anything newsworthy happened? I will help you write up and boost that press release.

Marketing Plan 

Can't you see the wood for the trees? What you need is a strong marketing plan and a set of meaningful KPI's in order to map and measure your marketing efforts.

Trusted by Local

Companies and Entrepreneurs

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Felinova - I Love Happy Cats - Anneleen
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Efficient & Organised

“Three words to describe Stefanie? Good, fast and structured.״ 



Committed & Flexible

“It's like having a partner who is equally committed to and ethusiastic about the succes of my company.״ 



Creative & Resourceful

“Creativity is not an easy skill to come by. It's being able to transcend the traditional ways of thinking and communicating.״ 



Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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